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Spring/Summer 2018: Cobalt Happenings

Cobalt Robotics has been busy! We were featured in the Wall Street Journal and we demoed the Cobalt robot at Bay Area events. Not only are we creating buzz, but we’re continuing to grow our team—and we’re moving our offices!

How Cobalt is creating new jobs

In April, Cobalt was featured in a Wall Street Journal articleabout robots and a new class of jobs being created around automation. Mentions of our robotics company were woven throughout the article, which highlighted how we are changing the way humans and robots work together to deliver the latest security solutions, seamlessly fitting into a business’ facilities and culture. In their video, Cobalt Robot Specialist Shiloh Nordby discusses his role and how he works with the Cobalt robot to deliver reliable and efficient security services throughout the Bay Area.

We showcased the Cobalt Robot throughout the Bay Area

On May 23rd, as an Allied Universal Partner, Cobalt showcased our security service and robot at their Technology Showcase held in Palo Alto, CA. Among the attendees were leaders in the security and facility industries, providing a great opportunity to identify customer needs and engage with potential customers.

Also, on May 23rd, Cobalt’s CEO Travis Deyle spoke at Pure//Accelerate, which was hosted by Pure Storage in San Francisco. Travis participated in a fireside chat with Pure Storage’s CIO Yousuf Khan. He answered questions about his background, what problems Cobalt’s service solves, our use case in data centers, and the challenges of building a robotics company. We also had the opportunity to demo our robot in their lounge.

We showcased the Cobalt Robot throughout the Bay Area

Cobalt Robotics is growing

Since January, the Cobalt tribe has doubled in size—we’ve gone from 12 people to 24—as we continue to expand, advance our algorithms and technologies, and get the word out about our robots and services. We still have open positions in Business Operations, Engineering, and Customer Service. If you are ready to join a fun, motivated team, then apply today!

And we’re moving!

Due to our fast growth, Cobalt will be moving its headquarters from Palo Alto to San Mateo. Our new space is being built to our specifications so our team can continue to be as efficient and productive as possible. We can’t wait to share our new space with you soon!

And we’re moving!