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Cobalt Partners with Sequoia and Secures $13M in Series A Funding

We’re happy to announce that Cobalt Robotics recently closed a $13 Million Series A financing. Sequoia led the round of funding and Sequoia partner Alfred Lin has joined our Board of Directors. A handful of new investors also participated, including Founders Fund and Storm Ventures, along with continued participation from existing investors such as Bloomberg Beta, Promus Ventures, and others.

We are excited to work with Sequoia. They have deep operational expertise and a proven track record of helping young companies transform entire industries. They also believe in our team & technology, and they share our vision: We are entering a new era wherein computers will literally reach out and touch the world (i.e. robots). Much like the personal computer in the early 1980’s, we can’t possibly predict the myriad ways this technology will positively impact our lives. But we do know this: Cobalt’s robot-enabled security services provide value today by blending robots, design, and people.

Cobalt Partners with Sequoia and Secures $13M in Series A Funding

Our services enhance modern workspaces by protecting your people, assets, and company culture.  At each step of the design and engineering process, we take into consideration all the ways that humans and robots can, and should, work together. Our unique approach combines the best attributes of both humans and machines to provide a better service than either could do alone—all while continually improving our algorithms, capabilities, and cost-effectiveness.

Cobalt robots complement humans in order to keep facilities and offices secure—something we’ve proven with several companies in the San Francisco Bay Area.  We will be working with our new financial partners to expand to new cities, extend our engineering & operations teams (we’re hiring!), and bring our high level of customer service and performance to new markets.
We are focused on delivering positive interactions between humans and robots while also introducing new technology where it can truly make an impact: keeping people more secure in their everyday lives.