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Cobalt Robotics Wins Unmanned Security Solution in SIA’s 2019 New Product Showcase

At ISC West last week in Las Vegas, the Security Industry Association (SIA) announced the 2019 winners of its New Product Showcase Awards, recognizing innovative security products, services and solutions.

We’re excited to share that Cobalt has been named the winner in the “Unmanned” solutions category, for our recently announced Cobalt Access for door integration. This year, judging panels made of more than 30 experts in the security industry reviewed entries from more than 80 companies.

“SIA’s New Product Showcase calls security companies to develop extraordinary, innovative products and solutions, and this year’s winners represent the best new offerings in the market,” said SIA CEO Don Erickson.

The Missing Piece in Comprehensive Physical Security

As security executives or facilities managers integrate robots into their larger security programs, they are effectively strengthening the capabilities of the human security guard, among other deployments like security cameras and access control systems. Cobalt’s robots serve as a force multiplier, providing an additional (and superior) set of eyes and ears after hours when a human security guard is more costly, thus optimizing scarce security resources and cost-efficiently bridging the gap for a comprehensive security program.

  • Real-time response and security risk assessment for immediate action
  • Avoid time-consuming security investigations after-the-fact
  • Optimize existing security budgets

As one of the newest tools in physical security, robots will soon become a critical asset for security professionals to bolster their other investments and round out a comprehensive program. Integrating a security robot into existing deployments, however, requires a clear understanding of the robot’s capabilities in order to design and implement a plan that leverages technology while supplementing traditional resources.

Seamless Integration for Better Adoption

Cobalt Access is an innovation in physical security robotics, and enables security professionals to more easily integrate security robots among another critical components of their security program such as access control systems (ACS).

ACS manage and monitor access to certain physical areas with digital protocols using authorization, identification, authentication, access approval and individual accountability. Security badges, passwords, PINs, and key fobs are part of ACS. The global access control market is expected to reach $16.66 billion by 2025, according to Research and Markets report.

Now, our robots can enter areas in corporate offices or manufacturing facilities that would otherwise be prohibited by ACS. Using a secured wireless credential, the door’s access control reader allows the robots into the partitioned area by telling the door to open via Bluetooth or RFID technology.

  • Seamless, immediate entry to ACS areas
  • Extends reach of security robot to cover more ground
  • Further integration between Cobalt robots and existing security deployments

In addition to Cobalt Access, Cobalt’s robots are equipped with more than 60 powerful sensors, including day-night cameras, thermal sensors, motion sensors and badge readers, which help detect anomalies and other risks that might not be detected by the human eye.

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