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When Time is of the Essence: Why Advanced Sensors Matter in Security

When dangerous or potentially life-threatening situations arise in the workplace—like a water spill, fire or gas leak—time is of the essence. While preventative measures against these situations are essential for any company to have in place, unplanned events will occur. When they do, the ability to immediately detect, flag and act on any signs of a potential emergency situation is critical.

To catch unplanned events that pose potential security risks, most companies use monitoring and detection tools such as camera systems and fire alarms. Companies also rely on security personnel to monitor spaces and alert authorities as needed. While these existing solutions to detect anomalies are common at most companies today, they come with limitations that leave organizations vulnerable with gaps in security coverage.

Take sensors for example. Sensors, like those on the inside of a fire alarm, are powerful technological components that detect environmental changes and alert someone when those changes are out of the ordinary including temperature spikes or the presence of harmful gases. While sensors have a keen sense for detection, they are often installed in a fixed place, have a limited range of coverage and are unable to make judgment calls when events happen so false alarms occur—qualities shared by the majority of existing security technology available. Even more limiting, each sensor usually detects just one specific type of environmental change.

On the other side of the spectrum, personnel are able to move around spaces, have the ability to assess situations and make judgment calls, and can take action when needed. However, unlike sensors and other security technology, humans cannot operate 24/7 and their monitoring and sensing capabilities are simply not as advanced.

So, what can an organization do to address these gaps in workplace security?

At Cobalt Robotics, we designed our flagship security service—which pairs the Cobalt Robot with highly-trained security specialists who manage the robots remotely—with bridging those gaps in mind and more. The Cobalt Robot tirelessly patrols assigned spaces and uses a range of powerful cameras and sensors to scan for anomalies. Equipped with over 60 sensors, the robot can detect a wide range of environmental changes and signs of potentially dangerous situations including:

  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Pressure
  • Carbon Dioxide
  • Carbon Monoxide
  • Smoke
  • Volatile Liquid Spills

With comprehensive, keen sensing combined with the ability to move around on its own, the Cobalt Robot can stay vigilant over spaces large and small scanning for anything out of the ordinary. Once the robot identifies an anomaly, Cobalt Specialists can interact with people via video on the robot’s tablet (like FaceTime) to make a judgment call if needed and immediately alert onsite personnel or authorities so security events can be managed quickly.

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