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Cobalt’s new customer interface increases facility visibility

The Overview page of the new SOC interface gives live, at-a-glance status along the Cobalt robot’s assigned patrol.

Today, we are excited to announce a new customer interface to complement Cobalt’s services. This robot-enabled security service will provide even deeper levels of awareness over a workspace that few could access before.

At-a-glance awareness

Typically, security professionals have had a limited number of resources at their fingertips to design comprehensive physical security programs—including cameras, access control, and guards. With the customer interface, security teams have a new tool for their planning toolkits.

Cobalt is continuing to help build a robust security program by releasing the customer user interface (UI), which will be a powerful tool for security professionals managing large buildings or campuses. Through the UI, customers will be able to follow more closely what is happening in their spaces, see what the Cobalt robot sees, and have a new way to connect with Cobalt specialists so they get timely and information-dense alerts when something urgent occurs.

No false positives

This UI enhances how security teams can work with Cobalt specialists, allowing anomalies to be communicated quickly with the customer’s security team. In contrast to the specialist UI, the customer UI will only escalate urgent events, filtering through the noise of other normal events. This ensures that the customer sees the important and unusual events, rather than being spammed with a large number of false positives like a conventional camera system.

No false positives

You see what the robot sees, and coordinate seamlessly with Cobalt’s specialists.

Cobalt built the interface based on customer needs and challenges with security operation centers (SOCs). For customers managing large buildings and campuses with their own SOCs, Cobalt’s SOC UI allows our specialists to quickly update dispatchers, convey location, events, and audio to their officers.

When security teams have the ability to be in multiple places at once, they’re able to be more effective at their jobs and respond to situations quickly. By providing our customers with the best tools available, we’re ensuring that they have increased situational awareness to keep their locations secure so they can build their security brand.